Complete Your Home with Rustic Style Copper Switch Plates

Do you know why copper switch plates are so famous worldwide? They excel most other varieties due to the specific technology which is used to manufacture them. Mexicans are experts in copper craft and they use specific traditional methods to produce them.  Now the trend is all copper and nothing else. So, many house owners follow this trend and try their best to add something made of copper to their home collections. And switch plates are no exception. Many customers prefer copper switch plates to ceramic or plastic ones due to their superb quality and durability.

Just as all the other Mexican hand made products, hand hammered copper switch plates too have a certain uniqueness in nature, style and function. There may be slight changes among them since each one of them is made by hand. Unlike machine-made ones, there may not be a uniformity among them. Even then, they look fine and one can trust the quality of them at a glance. You can see a beautiful variation of dark brown color in the final product. It’s the result of heating and cooling process carried on in the production. The reddish-brown patina changes in this procedure and finally it gets this dark, antique brown hue customary to any handmade item of copper.

Just log into and have a look at the copper switches, plates and covers. Read the reviews of Mexican hammered copper switch plates. You’ll find almost no complaints from the customers about them. Copper has a small electric resistance and a good conductivity. So, electricity flows through the metal without much fuss. Also, copper is in a relatively low position in the reactivity series. So, it won’t corrode easily. And copper is highly malleable making it easier for the artisans to hammer copper sheets in order to get the desired shape. Copper is easier to join and it’s a good property that helps in the manufacturing process. These properties assure that it’s an excellent metal to make switch plates and other electric appliances.

Copper is a recyclable metal. So, it lowers the risk of environment pollution and wastage of natural resources. Most copper products are made out of recycled copper. Using copper products is an environment friendly way. So, select hammered copper switch plates to construct your dream home in an environment friendly way.

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